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Where to Begin

In order to create a system that has no limits to growth while also being responsive to individual and localized needs we need to build a strong foundation. The vast majority of human development has been in a manner that allows those who accumulate the most wealth to dominate every aspect of life for others, whether that takes the form of monarchs lording over peasants or modern corporations dumping food to regulate prices. If we rethink the basic structures upon which our entire lives have been built, we can drastically alter the picture. It is easily feasible to change the baseline from "life, good luck" to "high quality life." 

To do this, it is easiest to start small. Establishment of one project site is the first step, and is relatively easy to do and takes minimal investment. With a call to startup projects or currently ongoing initiatives, it would be possible to provide land and pay for equipment in exchange for assistance getting programs off the ground. This ties in people of passion from the beginning in fields that are vital for survival and therefore are considered basic infrastructure; food, energy, housing, and the like. These fields will be the foundation of the project; the first project doing the hardest work, with every subsequent project using the work of the first to build off of. Over time, this lowers costs and increases efficiency as well as expanding the connected base of individuals who are both capable of improving the system as well as interested in improving it, making expansion become easier and easier as time passes. 

Once the basic needs are met, new fields can be added at whim. Any topic, from nuclear fusion to assisted flight to agriculture all the way through to art, music, and more, all can be taken apart without fear that following passion will lead to a low quality life. As the base needs are already met, each additional member brings a new array of skills and interests to the fold, which can be used collectively and with assistance from people all over the world. Each added topic also has a greater purpose in that all information can be connected. Studies in agriculture related to aquaponics, for instance, can also be related to marine biology, energy production, water purification, different science applications of various tech utilized within, and more. Each individual contribution adds to the overarching purpose of constant improvement in the web of connectivity that opensourcing and eliminating need for competition based on accumulation of material goods creates.

As an example, consider a grouping of people working on 3D printing solar panels. With their basic needs met by their employer, including food, housing, and the like, these individuals have the freedom to attack their task with zeal. If a few of those in the group are also interested in, for instance, electric cars, they would also have the freedom to design and build cars. If others in the group think it would be fun to try building high efficiency grow systems, they would have the freedom to do that as well. Then it is as simple as sharing gains in various fields with others in the group, and suddenly you have not only solar panels but electric cars and hydroponic grow systems as well. As the group expands, the opportunities expand as well. This is reinforced by the diversity of interests in humans across the world. Given the freedom to pursue those interests, adding one person adds potential to a number of different fields. Simply put, this gives everyone the opportunity to be the best they can be at whatever they want. 

This endless expansion is possible simply because humans like doing things. For every crazy, disgusting action that can be done, for every impossibly strange habit or interest, there is someone on this planet right now that enjoys it. What this system does is alter the base assumptions of life. No longer is the daily business as usual activity of waking up, going to work to earn money to pay for life needs and maybe some extras if possible, and then going back to sleep going to be the course of the day. Instead, utilizing the economic potential of everyone's combined contributions, the basic cost of life can be essentially zero. Robots can perform the vast majority of real labor functions today, or will be able to in the very near future. Instead of fighting to create jobs, this system goes the opposite directions. Eliminate the need for jobs, let people wake up every day and do whatever they want to do that day, and allow them to pursue their passions. Unlock the information entirely; allow people on completely different sides of the world to be connected through their passions, through what they love to do, and allow every single person the opportunity to directly contribute to the betterment of others without ever having to sacrifice their own personal well-being. That is the mission, that is the goal. Every single person having the ability to be the best person that they can be without the current and unnecessary obstacles of poverty, hunger, isolation, war, and disease.

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