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Now the the goals have been well established, we must look at the physical construction necessary to start the system. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the system is its expandability. Once the bases are established, growth can essentially never be capped. The larger the system gets, the faster it will expand, and the more people can be raised to the highest quality of life possible; beyond that, the more people included, the higher that quality of life will climb. There is no upper limit on the potential unleashed.

The first step is acquisition of land. Essentially any land will work, although for initial models mountainous areas have been utilized simply based on personal preference. Mountain ranges give us huge swathes of essentially untouched land that can be both built upon and built into,  allowing for the greatest utilization of space. The insulating qualities of the earth, the potential geothermal and other energy advantages, and other basic logic points to mountains as a good starting point, but that is in no way the end of the potential offered. 

The ideals of the system can be applied to any type of terrain, anywhere on this planet or any other, and even on potential space-faring vessels. Anywhere that you have people, people have basic needs. Provide for those needs, connect people to each other to build rather than compete, and the mold can be altered to fit any environment that we currently know of and, most likely, any that we do not. 

Once there is an established land to utilize as a starting point, begin building the basic infrastructure necessary for people with the most advanced technology the planet has to offer. Using impassioned individuals in their respective fields, connecting with startups or with philanthropists, or any other resources available, construct housing, food production, electricity generation facilities, etc; whatever the essentials are, using the best ideas and green technology possible. New technology, old technology with new applications, any additions to the system can only be additions. The vast majority of this system should be mechanized or automated so as to limit the necessity for labor outside of programming and maintenance.

Once you have some basic infrastructure constructed, the people that built it and run it can live on the property of the system essentially for free, in addition to access to all the infrastructure created for free, or cost of materials. Obviously, things that have not yet been created in system can be purchased from anywhere, and a base income will be provided to cover those purchases. As the vast majority of expenses will be covered or significantly cheaper than from external sources, it will take a minimal yearly per capita investment to provide an incredibly high quality of life. Therefore, with a  minimal investment, the system can begin. As the system grows, the investment will be supplied by new additions without much need for additional capital sourcing, as the first step is the most expensive. The benefits provided by not having to work a regular shift, provision of necessities, increase in quality of life, and access to the rest of the system through open-sourcing will entice new applicants.  Any capital added to the system with the infrastructure provided as the base level can only be a positive. Therefore, the rate of growth would be incredible, without further need for significant investment. 

The Basics

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