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The Coming Storm

Global Issues in the near future

Humanity is at a crossroads. All over the world, terrible tragedies are occurring daily. Though many people want to make things better, the difficulties experienced make life a fight for survival. With a huge amount of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, with millions of undernourished, starving, thirsty, and poor across the planet, the issues are only piling up, and very little coordinated effort has been made to address the underlying causes. While many different people and groups are doing very good work on making positive impacts on humanity, such efforts are akin to filling a sieve with water. 

Scientists are certain that climate change is happening and is currently having a massive impact on the general wellbeing of the planet and humans specifically. Climate change is an underlying aggravant for many of the issues we see on the global spectrum. Terrorism, hunger, poverty, intergovernmental tensions, and more are directly impacted by climate change. 

Speaking very realistically, by the end of this century the world will be consumed by chaos if we continue on the current path. Predictions are continuously falling short of the reality, and the reality is only getting worse as time passes. Ice is melting faster than expected, water levels are rising faster than expected, weather patterns are becoming more and more violent, and we continue to only increase the rate at which we pollute. If global war does not come soon, the reactions of the planet to what we are doing to it will have the same effect. 


All proposals for slowing and reversing our own impacts are on a 30, 50, or 100 year timeline; time we frankly do not have. The already struggling governments of the world will have absolutely no way of dealing with the hundreds of millions, if not billions, of climate refugees, and will ultimately all collapse. The very air we breathe will be poison and our medicines will fail as illnesses mutate and adapt, a process which already kills tens of thousands of people in the United States alone per year. We are in the midst of a 6th mass extinction on Earth. We are the cause. We will also likely be one of those going extinct. This is our future, if we do not change. 

I do not want to go extinct.


Not when we could live forever instead. 

We are failing to utilize a huge segment of the population. With people starving, overworked, undernourished, stretched thin by the sheer amount of calamity currently in existence, we fail to give people the opportunity to help themselves. The global structure that currently exists forces humans to fight each other for the scraps of resources that we produce, pushing oneself up by stepping on the heads of our neighbors. The timelines of various governments are poor not only because they do not actually address the issue prior to it being devastating, but because they do not actually use the resources available to counter these issues. When you combine the might of healthy individuals in pursuit of one goal, their abilities vastly outpace an individual mandate. We can alter the basic structures to entice people to work together, to benefit significantly from working together, and we can drastically reduce the amount of time needed to slow and even perhaps reverse some of the human impacts of the climate since we began deforesting hundreds of thousands of years ago. 

If we can simply work as one loose unit with individual freedom, the advances possible are off the charts. All we have to do is stop actively making things worse for other people in order to start on this path. Finishing this path requires more in depth Global System Architecture, which is further explicated on The Path Forward 

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