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The Ragnarök Project
Jul 26, 2017

General Guidelines


Welcome to the forum for The Ragnarök Project!


There are a few rules to keep in mind regarding usage of this space.


First, please be respectful at base level. Any discussions that turn into character attacks, insults, or anything that is found to be subtracting from the conversation will be documented and removed.


Second, use of profanity does not constitute lack of respect. Be excited about shit. The world is awesome. Don't use profanity against anyone else, but please feel free to be as passionate about your topic as you can be. Keep it within reason, or as above, it will be documented and removed.


Third, no hate speech of any type will be tolerated. Any references to race, gender, ethnicity, or anything people can get offended over, unless spoken of for strictly academic purposes and with very explicitly good intent, will be documented and removed, and the account responsible will be questioned and likely removed.


There is certainly room for more rules as we go. I am also looking for forum moderators to assist in various fields as the project expands. Moderators will be chosen on merit. For now, these guidelines should suffice.


Thank you for reading, and welcome to the team!