“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.”

Henry David Thoreau-

Imagine if we could eliminate the vast majority of global issues, replace our current patchwork of questionable governments, revolutionize our economy, and indefinitely increase our potential as both individuals and species. That would be pretty solid, right? Well, imagine if we could do that while simultaneously protecting the planet we live on from extreme climate change, and whilst moving off planet and expanding into space.

What you may not know is that we actually can do all of the above, and it will take minimal capital investment and can be done within the time frame given by the recent United Nations report, which calls for significant systemic changes before 2030. With an unprecedented growth model and the correct system of development, the limit on what can be achieved in short periods of time disappear. This is the only plan for the future that does not rely on wild inventions to alter climate change, does not call for the lowering of quality of life for a single person, and fits the timetables set out by the world's leading scientists regarding our ability to continue to exist as a species. Further, this is the only system devised that relies not on humans being perfect to succeed, but instead utilizes the various flaws that we have as a global community to encourage growth and development in a positive manner.


This system is the future of humanity. 

The Ragnarök Project is the product of millennia of human progress combined into one platform designed to maximize the potential of human life. Through a brand new Global Systems Architecture, this project seeks to eliminate the vast majority of suffering for life on the planet within the century. This change will occur without any negative impact on overall quality of life nor with any significant required individual investment outside of startup capital. The basic tenets of this project involve maximizing the potential of each individual and creating absolute equality. This will unlock advances in technology, science, medicine, government, education, and every other field, vastly outpacing anything experienced or predicted to date. We could be the first generation to prolong life indefinitely. We could be the generation to end war, poverty, hunger, and disease in one fell swoop. The Ragnarök Project is the blueprint, the beginning of the future we can build, the future we can engineer, and the future our children deserve. 

No Copyrights. Material is freely accessible for all. Created by The Ragnarok Project. Contact at theragnarokproject@gmail.com

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