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RO Divorce System

The process of divorce does not require both sides to apply for it. As long as one side has applied for divorce, the married status of both sides shall be cancelled. The engagement ring will disappear after the divorce.

You will need to pay 2, 500, 000 zenny of divorce fee. Go to the house located at Niflheim (niflheim 169, 162). Proceed to 2nd floor, and talk to the Deviruchi (nif_in 190 112). The Deviruchi will request whether player wants to divorce and tell player that 2,500,000 zeny is required for the process. Agree with request of Deviruchi and give it 2,500,000 to proceed with the divorce. After the divorce, the wedding ring and marriage skills will disappear while the HP and SP of character become 0.

After you have divorce, both characters will stop the contract of Marriage. Player can still get married again but you will need to prepare all the material for marriage.


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