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Collection of 24x24 transparent guild emblem for Ragnarok Online games.

 Kore Bot EmblemKore Bot Emblem
pRO Botter emblem.
Download here.
PVP Room DevilDevil Emblem
PVP Room Devil emblem.
Download here.
Halloween EmblemHalloween Emblem I
Color transparent emblem.
Download here.
Skull Retro EmblemSkull Retro Emblem
4 color set transparent emblem.
Download here.
Asa ka pa!ASA! B/W
pRO most frequently used word.
Download here.
Baby Desert WolfPet Lover
Baby Desert Wolf Cartoon.
Download here.
Boy WonderBoy Wonder
Life is only what you wonder.
Download here.
Red FaceRed Face
Red Face transparent emblem.
Download here.
Halloween Emblem IIHalloween Emblem II
24x24 emblem.
Download here.

Note: Create a folder named Emblem inside the ragnarok online folder (C:\Program Files\Gravity\RagnarokOnline), copy the emblem file into the Emblem folder.



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